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We are into the second day of the last month of 2015. Have you started reflecting on your accomplishments for this year? Have you started planning your goals for next year?
Sometimes when we miss the mark, it's a lesson learned and new strategy gained. Other times- we deserve to fail because we didn't plan properly and prepare the way we should have. Sometimes you can't just jump in unprepared, not knowing the game, and without a clue and expect to win. Don't be upset or give up, just revamp your planning and prep process. When you prepare well and cover all angles success is more likely to be yours.

Goals and dreams require you to fall back and focus. Some people will call you stuck up, anti-social, or they just won't get it. It will require sacrifice, saying no, and missing out on a few things. That's ok- it will be worth it in the end. Your goals and dreams are important - do NOT apologize for giving them the effort and focus they deserve by making them a priority.

Live Simply, Live Wonderfully...

If you keep saying you will do it tomorrow- life just might end up passing you by. If you are chill all the time- it just might be time to get a sense of urgency.

Introspection is key. Get to know yourself inside and out- be honest with yourself. Put in work where you need to improve and maximize the use of your strengths. You have it within you to be great.

As the saying goes- money makes the world go round. It doesn't matter if you have a little or a lot if you don't manage it and make it work for you. As best you can pay things on time, always save, and make yourself knowledgeable about things like investing, interest rates/financing purchases, and savings plans. If you don't know- ask someone or take a class. If things have gotten away from you- answer the phone and make the best arrangements that you can. Set and stick to financial goals. Having your finances in order- be it a little or a lot can bring you an amazing amount of peace.

When all else fails- try retail Therapy...

Or sign up for a personal coaching or styling session.

Take a class, learn something new- do something different. No excuses. Hobbies are not a bad thing- but consider trading going out once or twice and doing something that will help you level up in the future. Just think about it....

It is time for New Year New You! Great thing about the New Year is technically it is the beginning of another brand new day. The beginning of a new day is a great time to decide to make a change and be a better you- the fact that the year is changing is just an added bonus. If you already started- keep it up! If you want to start, DO IT!!!! Don't let negativity or the opinions of others kept you from trying to make a positive change in your life. Make small changes- because they add up. At the end of the day just focus on doing better.

I admit I myself miss out on somethings simply because I didn't read. Reading is fundamental. It's so important. So many questions can be answered and so much knowledge gained if we make an intention effort and dedicate time to read- daily, even if it it's only ten minutes a day.