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When all else fails- try retail Therapy...

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- Life Services -

Our Mission: “To help you organize your life or business in order to make it simple. We will help identify and prioritize what is important and assist you in navigating around everything else.”

Service List
  -Life Coaching
  -Image Consulting
  -Life Classes

Styling Services
  -Consultation and Assessment 

   -Personal Shopping with your Stylist ·    
 Pre-Consultation and a 3 Hour shopping session with your stylist sharing tips, tricks, and knowledge about smart shopping, while teaching your how to select keys pieces that will complete your wardrobe, as well as, match work with your body, life, and style.

   -In Your Home ·     
Pre-Consultation as well as a private try on and selection session with pieces  selected specifically for you by your stylist, all in the privacy and comfort of your own home (should there be the need for it, your stylist will take care of all returns and exchanges).  

   -Closet Audit  ·     
 Pre-Consultation and a 3 Hour in-home closet styling session.You will also receive a personalized written follow-up and recommendation guide. Your stylist will take care of donating unwanted items, as well as assist in reselling more selected pieces. 

   -Fashion Planner
Pre-Consultation and a Style Guide based on your wardrobe, body, life, and style. A complete photo journal featuring your pieces, as well as outfit suggestions. Great for wardrobe planning, traveling preparations, and insurance cataloging.   

   -Consultation  ·    
 1 Hour consultation as well as a personalized written follow-up and recommendation guide.

Also Available…  ·     
           Image Consulting, Wedding & Special event styling and shopping,  Closet Organizing