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When all else fails- try retail Therapy...

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- Business Services -

Divno Jé is dedicated to working with business owners in a personal and specific manner in order to: simplify processes, increase profitability, and develop owner in such a way to protect and grow the business towards increased success and longevity. Divno Jé  consulting, having various experience that is applicable and relevant across various industries, has years of experience working in retail settings, service industries, social and human services, and e-commerce. Your business is unique and it is our dedicated goal to develop customized solutions that will specifically address your business needs.

Service List
  -Consultation and Analysis
  -Executive Leadership and Coaching
  -Project Consulting
  -Consulting Retainer (billed monthly)

Business Consulting Services
  -Consultation and Assessment
  -Program development and Implementation
  -Customer Experience
  -Organizational Structure
  -Systems Efficiency
  -Executive Coaching and Development
  -Strategic Planning
  -Systems Development
  -Merchandising (selection, presentation, and aesthetics)
  -Product Development
  -Document, Form, and Handbook writing and development
  -Profitability Improvement

    - Efficiency Training
    - Life Classes
    - Work Place Training

Questions? Call Divno Jé- 323.770.4486 or Send an E-mail
Many Services can be done via E-service