Call Me Little Miss Crop Top

May 23, 2014 - Hello Wonderful. So recently I have become low key obsessed with wearing crop tops. Beyond this look being on trend, when I wear a crop top I feel sexy, flirty, and pretty. I will admit, the first time I tried this look, I had to pull on every string of my confidence, BUT I am glad that I tried it because this look has definitely quickly become one of my style staples.

          Here are the four tricks that I have learned to help me pull of this look on my curvy shape (because my lovely tummy is far from flat):

1. Wear a crop top that flows. In the pictures with the tie dye top, the yellow top, and the floral top my shirt is flowy so there for I have full coverage and skin will show every now and then based on movement.

2. Wear a crop top that touches your bottom piece. In the picture with the long black skirt and the picture with short tribal print skirt set, the top touches the skirt, so again, I have full coverage and skin will show every now and then based on how I move.

3. Wear with a cardigan or an over shirt. In the picture with the floral kimono that I paired with a bandeau in order to give me a little bit more security in a look while I am showing the most skin.

4. Finally, In all instances wear a higher waist (either designed that way, or just pull your bottom piece up higher). MOST IMPORTANT: your bottom piece CANNOT be tight. Your bottom piece should fit comfortably not squeezing or causing any bulges. This will allow for the smoothest look possible in pulling off your crop top look.

Try this look with a skirt, maxi, jeans, harem pants, or leggings. However you rock it- do it with confidence. If you try out the look, tag @divnoje and use the hashtag #wonderfullystyled.

 Wonderfully Yours,

A Curvy Girl's Responsibility
A Request from a Broken Heart

January 21, 2014 -Curvy girls are lovely. Curvy girls are beautiful. Curvy girls are intelligent, sexy, classy- and a whole lot more; we simply just have a little bit extra. Having a little extra means sometimes we have a lot of extra body parts- breast, hips, thighs, and behind. Body parts that momentarily draw in extra attention and likes. Sometimes when others tell us that curves aren’t beautiful and that we are fat, lazy, and unintelligent,  we can be tempted to prove that we are just as- whatever- by showing ourselves as attractive, desirable, and sexy. It breaks my heart to see beautiful, intelligent- and unknowingly insecure curvy girls - putting on their body parts on display; rather than smiles, covered classy curves, thoughts, ideas and your perspective of the world. You are beautiful and have just as much- and if not even more- to offer as everyone else. Take your body off of display; you are too valuable to reduce to yourself to body parts, questionable pictures, and momentary attention that is taking away the respect that others have for you. Know and understand your worth and value as well your responsibility as a curvy girl. It is your job to carry yourself according to your worth – with pride, confidence, grace, class, and more importantly: your head held high.

  Wonderfully Yours,


A Curvy Girl New Years....

January 1, 2014 As a curvy girl, there are so many different stereotypes to face. We are loud, don’t care about our health or appearance, we are lazy and don’t like to workout, and that we eat a lot and are unhealthy. With the New Year there is a whole not of “new year, new me” floating around and a bit of pressure to get fit and lose weight. The misconception is that working out and dieting is simply to lose weight- and if weight loss isn’t your goal, then those two things aren’t necessary. Wrong. As a curvy girl, I love, my size, my weight, and my look. If I lose a few pounds - great. If I stay this size for the rest of my life - wonderful. Truth is, an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits go way beyond weight lose- that is just one of the perks. An active life style and healthy eating habits are good for both your mental and physical health. Even if you are happy with your body – always make sure that you are healthy.         

Whatever your health and fitness goals may be, your weight loss journey is one that is personal and unique to you. You decide your goals - you decide your path and process. Be proud of your decision, own it, and stick to it. Do not be led astray by the thoughts, opinions, and stereotypes of others.

      -SET personal and attainable goals that work for you. Decide whether you want to lose weight, be healthier, become more active, or just to feel better overall.

    -BE PREARED to mess up. You will have your on days and your off days and that is OK. Just don’t let that one off day turn into an off week, month, or year.            

    -Finally… -BE READY. Do it for you and do it for the right reasons. Do it when you are ready and do it at your own pace – take time off if you need to (but do push yourself within reason).             

It’s not a diet or another 30-day Challenge – it is a lifestyle change. Just because we are curvy we should not feel obligated to lose weight- your ultimate goal should always to be happy with you but most importantly healthy. For some of us its losing weight, for others maintaining, and for those lucky few, its gaining. Either way do not give in to stereotypes, pressure, or the opinions of others. It’s your decision, your pace, and your journey – and the only voice and opinion that matters, is your own.

Wonderfully Yours,


What's My Style?
December 23, 2013“That looks like me,” or “that’s not my style” –phrases that I am willing to bet that we have all heard, or even uttered, once or twice. Have you ever really stopped to think what about that shirt or pair of shoes “looks like me?” Or have you ever taken the time to define your style, since at the very least, most of us know what our style is it not. In essence, what is style? Better yet, what is my style? Some of us can quickly and easily answer that question with expressions such as: clean, elegant, trendy, or chic. Some of us respond with slightly more complex expressions, defining our style as a combination of two looks, such as: “modern with a classic twist” or “preppy casual.”  While there are some of us that have yet to even begin to define our style. For myself, I refer to my style as elegance with a hint of sass (or, sassy elegance, if you will). Wherever you are on your personal style journey, consider the following. Regardless of whatever we may choose to wear, who we are and how we carry ourselves is true essence of style. Our presentation to the world, our personal style, goes far beyond clothes, shoes, and accessories- it extends to our confidence, demeanor, and charm. Whether your personal style is fully developed, ever evolving, or yet to be defined, our confidence is the most noticeable accessory. So regardless of what you have on, be confident, be kind, and choose to be happy. Be yourself. You are beautiful (for my guys, handsome). You are fierce. You are fabulous. You, are Wonderfully Made.

Wonderfully Yours,


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Divno Jé's Blog

Why An  Online Store?

10/1/2015- Hello Wonderful! I must start off by saying that to that have been rocking with me from the beginning, THANK YOU!!!! Your support is everything! If you are just tuning in to the Divno Jé journey, thank you and WELCOME! As you know, I call you Wonderful because we are all “wonderfully and fearfully made.” So this journey started as an Instagram feed with a blog post once every blue moon (literally). So… why the transformation- why the online store? I’ll share a quick flash-black before getting into that (stay with me, I promise I will be quick and it will add to where I am coming from).

 Fashion is my hobby and has been for a few years (organization is my passion, but we will get into that a bit later- well actually – another day, but I digress). I grew up as an overweight child, from about the age of eight. I looked a HOT mess all through elementary as trying to find clothes for an overweight child is difficult. My daily “uniform” was women’s leggings (yes with the stirrups) and men’s polo shirts that were way too big for me. I was teased, and somewhat of a loner, and my self-esteem was almost non-existent.

      When I was older, and was able to, I started putting quite a bit effort into what I wore- I figured if I am fat and ugly I might as well be dressed to the nines. My hair, make-up, nails, clothes, and accessories were always on point and together (but unfortunately I too did suffer through that matchy-matchy phase). It was through the way that I looked on the outside, that I realized, accepted, and internalized how darn gorgeous I actually was. It wasn’t the clothes and all the extras - but it was actually me! I had played the part of being beautiful for so long that I had actually begun to feel it and believe it.

     Then and, even still sometimes now, clothes for us curvy girls (or as they are rudely call plus size), are few and far between and the good ones are hard to find. Not ones that are boxy, oversized, all black, have a horrible pattern, or are just down right ugly. Not to mention, those that should have never even been made. Because let’s keep it real- there are many clothes that just because they were made in our size have no business gracing our figures. Again, there are more options now, but it can still take some searching.

    I love to style women (and the occasional gentleman); it was my goal to make styling services affordable. It is an investment that is well worth it, however, they are not always the first thought of go-to. Enter- the online store. It is my goal to sift through some of the world of plus size pieces to make it easier for you. I will put in the groundwork and select pieces that will look good on the majority of shapes and sizes. There will not be so many things to go through that it will become overwhelming, and as what the story carry grows, the process will remain simple.

    In addition to trend clothing, will carry to exclusive brands: Empress Tees & Crystalia R. (a premium clothing brand, designed by yours truly, that is catered specifically to the curvy in-betweeners; this premium brand is handmade in the USA).

       Knowing how fashion changed my life – from the outside-in – I want to help it do the same for others. It actually makes me sad when I see people not dressed to their full potential. I am often asked about what I wear and where I get it, and the way I shop, things are often times hard to find. So now, if you see it and love it - you can buy it. So that Wonderful is why Divno Jé has expanded to now included an online store.

Wonderfully Yours,

(p.s.- why the mirror pics? Even now I look at some bloggers and think I can NEVER look like that or do that; it feels overwhelming and unattainable. But a picture in a mirror – I can do that! As a matter of fact- it was someone’s picture in a mirror that encouraged me to try and take pictures of what I looked like and what I wore. This fashion thing and feeling comfortable with full body pictures is doable- I promise. I started in a mirror. It is my hope that someone will see my picture in the mirror and be encouraged to try- graduate when you are ready – or just stay in the mirror).


December 3, 2014Those that are "sick of hearing it" Are those that aren’t effected, therefore it is not their problem. You think you are “tired” of hearing about Mike Brown or Eric Garner? Try being “tired” of living it. You ready to change the conversation? Ok fine. WHAT about John Crawford who was shot by police for carrying a product through a store, which happened to be a BBgun- but that shouldn't matter because Ohio is an open carry state. WHAT about Jonathan Ferrell who was shot by police because he knocked on the wrong door at 2:30 am in North Carolina after being in a serious car accident and needed help? WHAT about Bartholomew Williams who was shot by police for having an episode d/t mental illness (they had responded to the disturbance two other times and rather than calling a PERT [psychiatric emergency response team] team they shot him)?  Painfully-the list goes on and on.  I am ANGRY and heartbroken. This is my reality. This is America's reality. I am terrified of having a son. Because when you are Black in America the consequence of being young and dumb making a mistake being uneducated or simply being Black is more likely to get you killed. Period.  As black people we are not allowed to be "disturbed" we are not allowed to be "troubled" or "needing help." We are unruly thugs with no class, home training, education, or worth of a second chance or even thought. When I see young black boys or men walking down the street, my heart skips a beat and immediately a prayer for their safety goes up- because the reality of them being unlawfully shot is painfully real. It should not be this way.

Wonderfully Yours,


The Day I Ran Away....

October 29, 2014- About week ago, I came home from a very long and stressful day. I wanted nothing more but to finally get out of my car, take a shower, and go to bed! As I pull up to my house, to my utter dismay, there is a car taking up my spot in the driveway! I was livid! I was so mad (over something so petty- yes I know). It was just one of those things at the end of the day that just pushes you over the edge. So very grudgingly I parked my car in the street. I went in the house and took my grumpy behind to bed. 6:00 am the next morning I get a knock on my door, making me jump out of my sleep. What is the reason you ask- my neighbor backed into my car!!!! (yes the same one that I was mad about having to park in the street….correct- had my car not been in the street it would not have happened). My neighbor drives a Ford F350, crew cab, extended bed (aka, a really big truck). My driver’s side door destroyed- and my window was completely shattered. Standing in the street in my robe and fuzzy boots, all I could do was hang my head in disappointment. Then I thought: that’s what I get for being upset over something so petty the night before (even though, once again, had someone not taken my parking spot- this never would have happened). Fast forward to Friday. Overwhelmed with life- and now the overly slow insurance company- I decided. I’m running away. After finally being placed in a rental car, I figured, I already have a rental, Vegas a quick three hours down the road, so why not?! I packed my bags and headed out for an extended weekend. The solo drive out there was just what I needed to cleanse my soul (I met up with my bestie the next day, as she was already out there). A quiet relaxing room with an amazing view, and two days spent by the pool is just what I needed in order to de-stress, clear my head, and reconnect with my Father. In life, we keep going, going, going- and sometimes, that is so necessary in order to get done what we must. However, it is also necessary to understand when we need a break. We need to listen to our bodies and take a time out when needed. Overworking, stressing, and being unhappy will only hinder the productivity that we believe will come from running ourselves ragged. After literally doing nothing for two days- I felt so much better. The difference was beyond description. Even now, my mind often drifts back to those two relaxing days by the pool- and remembering the feelings and the thought that running away was the best idea I’d had in a while.

 Wonderfully Yours,


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